HydroFlex WP3 presentation at “Energetics 2018”

The International Conference “Energetics 2018″ is organized by ZEMAK (Macedonian Energy Association) and is a biannual largest gathering of professionals in the energy sector in the country with some participants from abroad. At the conference, the team from UKIM – prof. Zoran Markov and PhD candidates Marija Lazarevikj and Filip Stojkovski presented their paper ”Investigation of the possibilities for development of a variable speed hydraulic turbine”.

An emphasis was made on the aims of the project and the task of UKiM within the framework of HydroFlex. The objectives of the project were highlighted so as the need from variable speed operation of hydropower plants and the theoretical background. The benefits of variable speed operation were discussed such as possibilities for larger variation of the operating conditions and maximum efficiency tracking for a given power demand and technical solutions for achieving this were mentioned.

Topics which the conference covered were energy strategies, power and heat generation, renewable energy sources and smart grids, power system control, measurement and protection, energy efficiency and environmental safety, power system management and economics, electricity markets and regulation.

This conference was an important event for increasing the visibility of HydroFlex and promoting the idea of variable speed hydraulic turbines.

The conference paper is available here.