Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation


Current power system planning is based on existing dynamic performance of power plants. In order to include the progress achieved in HydroFlex, the transmission system operators (TSOs) and other organizations and stakeholders involved in power system development must be aware of the new potential in flexible hydropower. WP6 will carry out activities for the effective dissemination and exploitation of the project results. The activities will focus on bringing high value scientific and technical results from the research out to the hydropower industry stakeholders. The overarching goal is to ensure that the new understanding of the technical, environmental and economic potential of flexible hydro is included in planning and execution of future refurbishment, upgrading, modernization of existing hydropower plants and in new installations.

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The main objective of Work Package 6 is to ensure the adaption of the HydroFlex results in future power system planning by carrying out effective dissemination, communication and exploitation activities to promote the research results to the TSOs, hydropower industry, the scientific community, the policy makers and the general public.

In particular, WP 6 aims to:

  • Ensure that modern knowledge regarding the potential of hydropower flexibility is used when planning projects
  • Ensure that planners and TSOs include flexible hydro capability when considering the inclusion of intermittent RES in the power system
  • Give European power companies, independent developers and consultants competitive advantage on international projects by utilizing the HydroFlex planning tool
  • Ensure efficient project execution through good and up to date international communication within and between all work packages.



Work Package 6 is led by Multiconsult.

Contact: Dr. Bjarne Børresen 


All partners contribute to WP 6.