The HydroFlex project is 4 years, 5.4 mil € research project financed through EU’s Horizon 2020 program. The aim of the project is to increase the value of hydro power through increased Flexibility. In this public workshop, some of the key results from the project will be presented. The workshop will present the scenarios the project has been working with and address the following questions:

  • How flexible can a Francis turbine be operated?
  • How to increase flexibility of the generator?
  • Can we analyse and understand the trade-off between increased flexibility and environmental impact? and
  • What is the public acceptance for more flexible operation?

After a winter with unprecedented price peaks and high volatility, the question of the role of highly flexible hydropower is more pertinent than ever.

The HydroFlex public workshop in spring 2022 will put these questions on the agenda. Please click here for detailed program: “The role of flexible hydropower in the future energy system” – HydroFlex public workshop – HydroFlex (

Link for online participation :