Published reports

The HydroFlex project will produce the following public reports. They will be made available here.

  • D2.4: Guide with scenarios, exemplary load profiles and recommendations for parametrization
  • D4.2: Intelligent control mechanisms for enhanced Fault Ride-Through performance and provision of Ancillary Services
  • D4.5: Converter sizing and main circuit component selection for the application
  • D4.6: Efficiency comparison of 2-level and multi-level converter
  • D4.7: Winding specification and test requirements
  • D4.8: Verified design guidelines for endwinding electric field grading – Demonstrator
  • D5.6: Assessment of public resistance and acceptance to 30 starts/stops
  • D6.16-D6.17: Public summaries of workshops 3-4
  • D6.20-D6.21: Peer review publications and proceeding from conferences 3-4
  • D6.24-D6.25: Conference publications 3-4