Multiconsult Norge AS is one of the leading firms of consulting engineers and designers in Norway and Scandinavia. With roots going back to 1908, the company has played an important role in Norway’s development and economic growth. With 2500 permanent staff and expertise spanning a wide range of disciplines, Multiconsult Norge AS takes charge of complex projects within fields such as water, energy and the environment.

Multiconsult Norge AS have worked to develop hydropower resources, both in Norway and overseas, for more than a century. Today, Multiconsult Norge AS are actively involved in large hydropower plants in Norway, Sweden, Albania, Myanmar, Malaysia, Lesotho, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Bhutan, Panama, etc.

Multiconsult Norge AS is actively involved in collaborative research projects both within the field of hydropower as well as more generally within our different business areas. Through our international consulting work Multiconsult Norge AS is well positioned to bring the result of research into application.

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