The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, NINA, is as an independent foundation focusing on environmental research, emphasizing the interaction between human society, natural resources and biodiversity.

In 2016 NINA had >240 employees and published >250 scientific publications in addition to 125 technical reports. NINA is Norway’s leading institution for applied ecological research and has a long history of projects focusing on ecological effects of hydropower production, both in Norway and abroad. The hydropower research includes everything from fundamental science to environmental impact assessments. NINA has been main research partner in two large research centres focusing on hydropower, CEDREN (Centre for Environmental Design of Renewable Energy, 2008-2016) and HydroCen (Norwegian Research Centre for Hydropower Technology, 2016-2024), both funded jointly by the Research Council of Norway and the hydropower industry.

As an applied research institute, NINA places a large emphasis on engaging with society. As a result, NINA researchers spend a considerable amount of time in activities that communicate their results to decision makers, key stakeholders and a wider public. The applied research profile places NINA at a key junction between science and policy. Many of NINA’s results, from national and international activities, are constantly integrated into policy development and routine decision making processes.

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Dr Line Elisabeth Sundt-Hansen

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Dr Richard Hedger

Dr Oddgeir Andersen