Project Management

The HydroFlex project is managed by the General Assembly, the Executive Board, the Dissemination and Exploitation Advisory Committee, and the Work Package Leaders. The Project Coordinator, NTNU, is the project’s interface with the European Commission.

General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is the ultimate decision body of the project. It is responsible for the overall direction and the successful completion of the project and the exploitation of its results.


The General Assembly consists of one representative from each partner. The Chairperson is Coordinator Prof. Ole G. Dahlhaug, NTNU.

All partners

Executive Board

The Executive Board (EB) is the supervisory body for the execution of the project which reports and is accountable to the General Assembly.

Project Coordinator:

  • NTNU (represented by Prof. Ole G. Dahlhaug)

Industry representatives:


  • WP 1NTNU(represented by Dr. Sara Heidenreich)
  • WP 2 – IAEW(RWTH)(represented by Marius Siemonsmeier)
  • WP 3NTNU(represented by Dr. Igor Iliev)
  • WP 4UU(represented by Prof. Urban Lundin)
  • WP 5LTU(represented by Prof. Staffan Lundström)
  • WP 6MC(represented by Dr. Bjarne Børresen)
  • WP 7NTNU(represented by Prof. Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug)

Dissemination and Exploitation Advisory Committee

The Dissemination and Exploitation Advisory Committee (DEAC) provides guidance to the project in regarding the exploitation of the results and the handling of innovations. The DEAC also monitors how HydroFlex results are disseminated in different arenas and evaluates the project’s website and publications.


  • NTNU(represented by Jonas-Bergmann-Paulsen)
  • Multiconsult(represented by Anders Gustav Pettersen)
  • ABB AS(represented by Øyvind J. Linnebo)
  • Statkraft(represented by Dr. Erik Wiborg)
  • Morten Øien (independent legal advisor)