EDR & Medeso AS is one of the leading suppliers of technical software solutions in the Nordic countries, offering a complete range of CAE products. EDR & Medeso AS was founded in 2012 through a merger of EDR AS and Medeso AB. EDR AS was founded in 1986 specializing on delivering software and technical services to our customers. During the last 26 years the number of customers has been steadily growing, and lists today more than 500 companies. Among these are major companies within the oil & gas, offshore, aerospace, automotive, construction, defense and shipping industries.

Our focus for providing technical services is on high-end applications such as highly nonlinear analyses, multi contact problems, transient heat transfer analyses, fatigue, dynamics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and fluid-structure interaction (FSI) computations. Our technical team has experience from a broad range of industries.

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Erik Tengs

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Maria Rolstad Jordal

Morten Haugen Blåsternes

Martin Aasved Holst