Meet HydroFlex PhD Candidates:

Anton Burman (LTU)

Anton Burman is a PhD Candidate at the Division of Fluid and Experimental Mechanics at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) in Luleå, Sweden. In 2016 he completed his M.Sc. in Engineering Physics with focus on Numerical Methods and Fluid Mechanics with his thesis “Open-Channel Flow Over Naturally Rough Surfaces: A CFD Study”.

His fields of interest are among others: fluid mechanics, river hydraulics and ecohydraulics.

PhD Project: Flow Scenario Modelling in Proximity to Hydropower Plants with Rapidly Changing Flow Conditions

Anton Burman conducts research with work package 5. Some of the research objectives are: 

  • Model and validate river behaviour with currently existing geometry and data under current operating conditions.

  • Perform field measurements for a more extensive river geometry.

  • Research inherent river damping and investigate how minor changes in river geometry might affect the inherent damping.

  • Model river behaviour with proposed increase in hydropower flexibility (hydropeaking with up to 30 starts and stops per day).

  • Investigate how the proposed fluctuation mitigation solution ACUR (Air Cushion Underground Reservoir) affects river behaviour.

  • Investigate how all these changes might affect the local fauna and flora.