HydroFlex presentation at the IEEE workshop in Athens

On 22nd of April, Roberto Felicetti, PhD candidate at Uppsala University, has presented the progress of the Hydroflex Project Group WP4 at the 4th IEEE Workshop on Electrical Machine Design, Control and Diagnosis, which took place at the National Technical University of Athens. The workshop, at its fourth edition, has gained a prominent role in divulging the emerging new technologies related to electrical machine design, control and diagnosis. The WP4-group has successfully submitted a paper for the workshop with the title “Experimentally validated model of a fast switched salient pole rotor winding“, which arouse the interest of the academic and industrial audience. In particular, a Single Transmission Line Model of a salient pole synchronous machine field winding has been presented, which is able to accurately describe the occurrence of overvoltages and the stress of the insulation material in frequency domain.