Task 7.2 Project planning and execution

  • Produce the required project documentation for the General Assembly, the consortium and the Commission
  • Ensure that the project execution is according to the Consortium Agreement and the Grant Agreement.
  • Organize regular meetings together with WP leaders to control the progress of the work and to ensure cross-disciplinary communication
  • Organize kick off, Executive board and General Assembly meetings
  • Organize annual technical workshops. These are internal workshops where the technical progress in HydroFlex will be presented and discussed. They will be organized in conjunction with the annual meetings of the General Assembly.
  • Coordinate the participation of the Consortium in the technical audits and reviews arranged by the Commission.
  • Establish an internal reporting structure that allows for monitoring of work performance on a regular basis.

Deliverables and milestones

D7.3 – Internal Progress Report Template


  • MS54-MS53 – Technical Progress Meetings 1-4

D7.19-D7.26 – Minutes from Executive Board and General Assembly Meetings


  • MS42-MS49 – Executive Board Meetings 1-8
  • MS54-MS57 – General Assembly Meetings 1-4

D7.27–D7.34 – Progress reports to the Commission 1-8


  • MS36-MS40 – Workshops 1-4

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