Task 6.5 Exploitation

  • Industrialization: The first right to manufacture the new turbine, generator, converter and ACUR will be given to HydroFlex partners. The manufacturers will have to establish a detailed business plan to commercialize and manufacture the components. The consortium agreement will include the details on which partner/company that will be given the primary option industrialize the new turbine, generator, converter and ACUR.
  • Lifetime calculation tools: The turbine lifetime calculation tool will be implemented by the manufacturer Rainpower and it will be their right to use the tool.
  • Utilizations of recommendations and guide lines: HydroFlex will deliver guidelines and recommendations to policy makers and hydropower producers on how to implement and operate a hydropower plant with the new turbine, generator, converter and ACUR to increase public acceptance within affected communities. These will be free to use and implement for all HydroFlex partners.
  • HydroFlex tool: A web based tool to be used when planning increased potential for flexibility and system services will be developed to increase adaption and implementation of the results. Example of users will be power companies, independent power developers and consultants planning refurbishment/modernization/upgrading of existing plants or new installations. Regulators, TSOs, consultants and others involved in power system planning may also use the tool to evaluate how HydroFlex may permit phasing in more intermittent renewable energy sources.
  • Exploitation Plan: A detailed exploitation plan for all HydroFlex results will be made.

Deliverables and milestones

D6.27 – D6.29 – Detailed Exploitation plan 1-3

D6.30 – Best practice guidelines summarizing the results of the different work packages

D6.31 – HydroFlex planning tool launch


  • MS40 – HydroFlex tool launch

D7.38-D7-39 – Updated Communication and Dissemination Plan 1-2