Task 6.2 HydroFlex digital communication platform/website

Modern electronic communication and collaboration tools can facilitate efficient execution and dissemination of the project. Using a modern web platform supporting interactive and dynamic elements has great value both for the project participants, external professional interests and the public at large.

For internal communication, a good document repository facilitates the research collaboration between different teams and localities. If agreed upon a more comprehensive collaboration platform permitting tracking of progress, issue resolution and reporting may be included as well.

Web applications and web interfaces to software and models facilitate shared use and ensures that the most recent version is available for all parties.

Digital movies and animations are excellent means of attracting attention from the general public and illustrate and visualize complicated technical challenges.

An electronic newsletter will be made every 6 months during the project period and distributed internally in the project as well as externally to relevant parties.

Deliverables and milestones

D6.4 – HydroFlex digital platform/website

D6.5 – HydroFlex movie

D6.6 – D6.13 – Newsletters