Task 6.1 Development of a communication, dissemination and exploitation plan

The full potential of flexible hydro can only be attained when the different technical disciplines are joined such that the interdisciplinary challenges and potential are clearly stated and communicated. Thus, a good plan for communication and dissemination within the consortium is important.

In order to achieve this, a unified and commonly agreed upon communication, dissemination and exploitation plan will be developed. Important elements of the plan will be:

  • Identification of key stakeholders and influencers that may impact the adaption of the HydroFlex results.
  • Identify channels of communication and distribute responsibility for these.
  • Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. will be evaluated as a communication activity.
  • Establish an initial timetable for key communication events. This includes internal meetings and workshops as well as public launch of results.
  • Plan for following up targets regarding scientific publication and conference presentations.
  • Set target and time table for popularized dissemination.
  • Plan for presenting the project in lectures at the seven universities that are involved.
  • Plan for a digital communication platform including web site, work document repository and a movie/animation.
  • Guidelines and templates on how partners can include information on partner’s website where this is suitable.
  • Plan for regular newsletter during the project period.
  • Develop a coherent visual identity for all partners and Horizon2020. This will include a project logo, a graphic chart, templates, styles and guidelines, which will be used by the partners when presenting their work in electronic and print material.

Relevant parts of the plans will be included in the consortium agreement to ensure commitment from all partners.

Deliverables and milestones

D6.1 – Detailed communication, dissemination and exploitation plan

D6.2 – Coherent visual identity

D6.3 – Mid-term review of communication, dissemination and exploitation plan

D7.38-D7-39 – Updated Communication and Dissemination Plan 1-2