Task 5.4 Assessing the public acceptance of increased ramping rates

Public acceptance will be assessed by in-depth interviews among different stakeholders in Nidelva river. Nidelva is running through the city of Trondheim and a variety of people uses the river for multiple purposes, like recreation, kayaking and salmon angling. The interviews will use the input from the flow scenario modelling with mitigation technology (task 5.2) and map selected topics where we assess the reasons for resistance, and what mitigating measures are needed to increase public acceptance. Based on the outcome of the social acceptance study, we will formulate some guidelines to power producers and policy makers on how to increase public acceptance of highly flexible operation of power plants.

Deliverables and milestones

D5.6 – Assessment of public resistance and acceptance to 30 starts/stops in Nidelva


  • MS35 – Performing interviews among stakeholders along Nidelva
  • MS40 – HydroFlex tool launch

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