Task 4.1 Grid interface and grid code adherence and support

The main objective of this task is to conduct power system integration studies to establish control strategies and procedures that give hydropower plant with the proposed generator and converter technology robust Fault Ride Through capability and the ability to provide balancing and ancillary services to transmission system operators. A smart controller will be developed to enable conventional and converter-connected hydropower plants to provide the full range of AS including those with fast time-scales, such as synthetic inertia and dynamic voltage control, and those with slow timescales, such as balance regulation and power gradient constraint. The control strategies will ensure the secure operation under fault conditions, addressing issues such as system control under communication failure, faults in the HVDC system and faults in AC main grid.

Deliverables and milestones

D4.1 – Modelling platform for control design purposes and large-scale power system studies


  • MS16 – Modelling platform decided on and develop steps initiated

D4.2 – Intelligent control mechanisms for enhanced Fault Ride-Through performance and provision of Ancillary Services

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