Task 3.4: Develop a model for turbine lifetime estimation

This task aim to develop a calculation tool that estimates expected lifetime of a new turbine runner. The measured data from the Francis model test will be used for validation and calibration of the calculation tool. This tool will be used to calculate static and dynamic stresses on turbine runners, which is the most critical component of the turbine. By utilizing fatigue loads, fatigue cycles, material properties and expected operational pattern, an estimated lifetime of the turbines parts can be calculated. The material’s fatigue properties related to welding, stress and contact with water will be tested in NTNU’s laboratory order to ensure the quality of the calculation tool. The tool will help the manufacturers to improve the structural design of the runners, and help the power companies to improve their production and maintenance planning. In the design process, FSI-analysis will be carried out in combination with the new calculation tool. This task will interact with WP2 and WP4.

Deliverables and milestones

D3.8 – Lifetime calculation tool of the turbine runner


  • MS14 – Material tests has been finalized
  • MS15 – First version of the lifetime calculation tool
  • MS40 – HydroFlex tool launch