Task 2.2 Reference Sites

In parallel, a set of generalized reference cases is created which describes common and special dynamic events as the relevant criteria for the operation of hydropower plants (e.g. providing frequency containment reserve, load shedding, short circuits in the grid, grid compliance etc.). This also includes the definition of quality indicators to characterize the operational flexibility of hydropower plants (e.g. latency, ramping rates and number of starts/stops per day). For this matter, load input- and output variables for each WP are defined using a data flow schematic. The required data from the reference sites (e.g. Bratsberg, Stornorrfors, Lysebotn 2 and Porjus Power Plant) will be identified and collected by the respective operators and parties who process them afterwards. By analyzing grid and transmission codes from different European countries as well as measurements from former projects realistic dynamic loads induced by grid faults or fast changes in frequency can be determined. Finally, the generalized and exemplary reference cases can be defined. They will be represented as a time series (e.g. demand for active power as a function of time) that can be parameterized (e.g. amplitude, frequency, repetition rate etc.).

Deliverables and milestones

D2.1 – Report defining three European energy scenarios


  • MS1 – Workshop on scenarios, load cases and references sites