Task 2.1 Energy Scenarios

Three global – in a European scope – scenarios are defined with respect to different generation and transmission situations in the power system. Due to the importance of the scenarios for the subsequent work the entire consortium is involved incorporating the input of each partner. For this purpose, relevant parameters (e.g. percentage and profile of volatile producers, type and amount of installed storage, connection of Nordic grid to central European grid etc.) are identified first. Secondly, a meta-analysis of existing national and international scenario studies will be performed in order to get an overview within the European scope. Part of these scenarios will also be an estimate on how market prices for flexible operation and, thus, remuneration will evolve so that the financial revenue of highly dynamic hydropower plants can afterwards be evaluated in WP6.

Deliverables and milestones

D2.1 – Report defining three European energy scenarios


  • MS1 – Workshop on scenarios, load cases and references sites